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Journal of Chinese Society for Corrosion and protection  2020, Vol. 40 Issue (5): 448-454    DOI: 10.11902/1005.4537.2019.281
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Corrosion Resistance of Various Bridge Steels in Deicing Salt Environments
LI Lin1,2(), CHEN Yiqing1,2, GAO Peng1,2, AI Fangfang1,2, ZHONG Bin1,2, SAN Hongyu1,2, YANG Ying2
1 State Key Laboratory of Metal Material for Marine Equipment and Application, Anshan 114009, China
2 Iron & Steel Research Institute of ANGANG Group, Anshan 114009, China
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The corrosion behavior of bridge steels Q345qENH and Q420qENH in deicing salt was studied by means of wet-dry cyclic corrosion test, immersion corrosion test and rust scale characterization, while taking Q345qE steel as comparison. The results indicate that the corrosion resistance of the Q345qENH and Q420qENH weathering bridge steels was better than that of the Q345qE steel. The dry-wet cyclic corrosion test results reveal that the Q345qENH, Q420qENH and Q345qE steels show corrosion rates of 26.88, 27.5, and 33.75 times higher than those measured in immersion corrosion test, respectively. During dry-wet cyclic corrosion test, the structure and composition of the formed rust scales changed and the amount of α-FeOOH phase increased gradually with time, which may be an important reason leading to the decrease of corrosion rate at the end of dry-wet cyclic test.

Key words:  bridge steel      deicing salt      dry-wet cyclic      immersion      corrosion behavior     
Received:  31 December 2019     
ZTFLH:  TG172  
Fund: National Key R&D Program of China(2017YFB0304800)
Corresponding Authors:  LI Lin     E-mail:

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LI Lin, CHEN Yiqing, GAO Peng, AI Fangfang, ZHONG Bin, SAN Hongyu, YANG Ying. Corrosion Resistance of Various Bridge Steels in Deicing Salt Environments. Journal of Chinese Society for Corrosion and protection, 2020, 40(5): 448-454.

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Q345qENH0.0550.261.390.0120.00350.034Total 1.001Bal.
Q420qENH0.0550.351.550.0200.0030.025Total 1.187Bal.
Q345qE0.1500.301.460.0130.00360.041Total 0.182Bal.
Table 1  Chemical compositions of test samples
Fig.1  Appearance of Q345qENH (a1, a2), Q420qENH (b1, b2) and Q345qE (c1, c2) samples after dry-wet cyclic corrosion test with deicing salt for 2 h (a1~c1) and 8 d (a2~c2)
Fig.2  SEM images of Q345qENH (a), Q420qENH (b) and Q345qE (c) samples after dry-wet cyclic corrosion test for 32 d
Fig.3  Thickness loss of samples after dry-wet cyclic corrosion test
Fig.4  Fitted line plot of thickness loss of Q345qENH (a), Q420qENH (b) and Q345qE (c) samples after dry-wet cyclic corrosion test
SampleAnPower function fittingCorrelation coefficient / R2
Table 2  Regression equation of dry-wet cyclic corrosion test
Fig.5  Appearance of Q345qENH (a), Q420qENH (b) and Q345qE (c) samples after deicing salt immers-ion test for 8 d
Fig.6  Thickness loss of samples after immersion corrosion test
Fig.7  Fitted line plot of thickness loss of Q345qENH (a),Q420qENH (b) and Q345qE (c) samples after imm-ersion corrosion test
SampleAnPower function fittingCorrelation coefficient / R2
Table 3  Regression equation of immersion corrosion test
Fig.8  XRD pattern of corrosion product of Q345qENH (a), Q420qENH (b) and Q345qE (c) steels after dry-wet cyclic corrosion test
Q345qENH-2 d6214231------
Q345qENH-32 d1635618205
Q420qENH-2 d7184530------
Q420qENH-32 d10447---318
Q345qE-2 d7184431------
Q345qE-32 d7.918.89.923.833.75.9
Table 4  Phase composition of corrosion product after dry-wet cyclic corrosion test
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