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Journal of Chinese Society for Corrosion and protection  2022, Vol. 42 Issue (1): 67-72    DOI: 10.11902/1005.4537.2021.011
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Corrosion Behavior of Molybdenum in LiF-LiCl-LiBr-Li Molten Salt at 500 ℃
ZHANG Jian(), HUANG Jin, XU Jiapeng, LUO Guoqiang, SHEN Qiang
State Key Lab of Advanced Technology for Materials Synthesis and Processing, Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan 430070, China
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Corrosion behavior of Mo, prepared by plasma activation sintering technique, in molten LiF-LiCl-LiBr-Li at 500 ℃ was examined by means of immersion test, XRD, FE-SEM and EDS. The results show that the sinttered Mo have good corrosion resistance in LiF-LiCl-LiBr molten salt, but it will be corroded by residual impurities forming corrosion products of MoO2 and MoS2. Furthermore, the addition of metallic Li into the molten salt will induce the grain boundary corrosion of Mo, where rich in O element, thereby lead to separation of Mo grains and severe corrosion of Mo. Meanwhile, the corrosion products changed from MoO2 to Li2CO3.

Key words:  lithium molten salt      molybdenum      corrosion behavior      corrosion mechanism      metallic Li     
Received:  15 January 2021     
ZTFLH:  TG174  
Fund: National Key R&D Program of China(2018YFB0905600)
Corresponding Authors:  ZHANG Jian     E-mail:
About author:  ZHANG Jian, E-mail:

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ZHANG Jian, HUANG Jin, XU Jiapeng, LUO Guoqiang, SHEN Qiang. Corrosion Behavior of Molybdenum in LiF-LiCl-LiBr-Li Molten Salt at 500 ℃. Journal of Chinese Society for Corrosion and protection, 2022, 42(1): 67-72.

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Fig.1  Mass change of Mo during corrosion in LiF-LiCl-LiBr molten salt for different time
Fig.2  XRD patterns of Mo after corrosion in LiF-LiCl-LiBr molten salt for different time
Fig.3  SEM images of Mo after corrosion in LiF-LiCl-LiBr molten salt for 0 h (a), 6 h (b), 12 h (c), 50 h (d), 150 h (e) and 300 h (f)
Fig.4  EDS mappings of Mo (a) and O (b) on the surface of Mo after corrosion in LiF-LiCl-LiBr for 150 h and the contents of Mo and O after corrosion for different time (c)
Fig.5  Cross-sectional images of Mo corroded in LiF-LiCl-LiBr for 6 h (a), 12 h (b), 50 h (c), 150 h (d), 300 h (e)
Fig.6  Mass change of Mo during corrosion for 150 h in LiF-LiCl-LiBr molten salt with the different contents of Li
Fig.7  XRD patterns of Mo corroded for 150 h in LiF-LiCl-LiBr with the different contents of Li
Fig.8  Surface (a, c, e) and cross-sectional (b, d, f) SEM images of Mo corroded in LiF-LiCl-LiBr molten salt with the additions of 0.1% (a, d), 0.25% (b, e) and 1% (c, f) Li
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