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Journal of Chinese Society for Corrosion and protection  2015, Vol. 35 Issue (6): 505-509    DOI: 10.11902/1005.4537.2014.247
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Effect of Double Bonds in Hydrophobic Chains on Corrosion Inhibition Performance of Imidazoline Derivates in Dynamic H2S/CO2 Environment
Jingmao ZHAO1,2(),Xiong ZHAO1,Ruijing JIANG1,2
1. College of Material Science and Engineering,Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Beijing 100029, China
2. Beijing Key Laboratory of Electrochemical Process and Technology for Materials, Beijing 100029, China
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Four imidazoline derivates were synthesized using diethylenetriamine with stearic acid, oleic acid, n-docosanoic acid and erucic acid respectively as raw materials. Then the inhibition performance and adsorption capacity on the carbon steel surface and the ability of hydrophobic of the prepared derivates were studied in dynamic H2S/CO2 environment by means of dynamic weight loss test, SEM, AFM, contact angle measurement and molecular dynamics simulation. The measurememnt results for contact angle and AFM force showed that the hydrophobic effect is better and the adhesion force is bigger respectively for imidazoline derivatives with double bonds in their hydrophobic chains. The surface adsorption energy of the four imidazoline derivatives on the face of Fe (001) were calculated by using molecular dynamic simulation, the results indicated that the surface adsorption energy of imidazoline which has double bonds in hydrophobic chain was larger than that one without double bonds. The theoretical evaluation of corrosion inhibition performance of four imidazoline derivates accorded well with the experiment results.

Key words:  H2S/CO2 environment      imidazoline      contact angle measurement      molecular dynamics simulation     

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Jingmao ZHAO,Xiong ZHAO,Ruijing JIANG. Effect of Double Bonds in Hydrophobic Chains on Corrosion Inhibition Performance of Imidazoline Derivates in Dynamic H2S/CO2 Environment. Journal of Chinese Society for Corrosion and protection, 2015, 35(6): 505-509.

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Fig.1  IR spectra of four kinds of imidazoline derivative
Inhibitor Corrosion ratemm·a-1 Inhibitionrate
Blank 2.8214 ---
IM-17 0.8258 70.7%
IM-17D 0.5849 79.2%
IM-21 0.7260 74.3%
IM-21D 0.5677 79.8%
Table 1  Corrosion rates of carbon steel after addingdifferent imidazolines in H2S/CO2 solution
Inhibitor Left / deg Right / deg Average / deg
IM-17 83.7 83.4 83.6
IM-17D 93.9 93.6 93.8
IM-21 92.9 92.9 92.9
IM-21D 101.3 101.3 101.3
Table 2  Contact angles of carbon steel adsorpted byimidazoline derivatives
Fig.2  Force curves measured by AFM on the surfaces of the samples with imidazoline inhibitors
Fig.3  SEM images of corrosion products formed in the solutions containing IM-17 (a), IM-17D (b), IM-21 (c) and IM-21D (d)
Fig.4  Adsorption conformations of IM-17 (a), IM-17D (b), IM-21 (c) and IM-21D (d) on Fe surface
Inhibitor EMolecule / kJ·mol-1 ESurface / kJ·mol-1 ETotal / kJ·mol-1 EAdsorption / kJ·mol-1
IM-17 155.4 -476780.2 -476855.8 231.0
IM-17D 269.2 -476780.2 -476797.4 286.4
IM-21 333.5 -476780.2 -476713.4 266.7
IM-21D 320.5 -476780.2 -476771.8 312.1
Table 3  Adsorption energies of four imidazoline inhibitors on Fe (001)
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