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Journal of Chinese Society for Corrosion and protection  2021, Vol. 41 Issue (1): 13-21    DOI: 10.11902/1005.4537.2020.034
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Research Progress on Mildew Induced Corrosion of Al-alloy
ZHANG Yuxuan, CHEN Cuiying, LIU Hongwei(), LI Weihua
Southern Marine Science and Engineering Guangdong Laboratory (Zhuhai), School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Sun Yat-sen University, Zhuhai 519082, China
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Recent years, the corrosion of Al-alloy turned to be a serious issue, which directly influence the safe operation of engineering facilities made of Al-alloy. Based on the recent research results related to the mildew induced corrosion of Al-alloy, the representative species of mildew as well as the main factors close to the mildew activity were illustrated. Meanwhile, the relevant corrosion mechanisms were emphatically discussed, including acid corrosion, oxygen concentration cell, the possible direct electron transfer as well as the direct interfacial interaction between Al-alloy and mildew. Mildew can produce large amount of organic acids through metabolism, causing the decline of the pH values in test solution and biofilm, then leading to localized corrosion. As analyzed, the potential direct electron transfer and interfacial interaction between Al-alloy and mildew can be one of important causes, leading to the localized corrosion. Furthermore, the common control methods for mildew induced corrosion of Al-alloy were also reviewed. Finally, the future research focus of Al-alloy corrosion in the presence of mildew was also prospected.

Key words:  Al-alloy      mildew      acid corrosion      microbiologically influenced corrosion     
Received:  05 January 2020     
ZTFLH:  O646  
Fund: National Natural Science Foundation of China(51901253);Natural Science Foundation of;Guangdong Province(2019A1515011135);Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities(19lgzd18);Open Project Program of Beijing Key Laboratory of PipelineCritical Technology and Equipment for Deepwater Oil & Gas Development(BIPT201904)
Corresponding Authors:  LIU Hongwei     E-mail:

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ZHANG Yuxuan, CHEN Cuiying, LIU Hongwei, LI Weihua. Research Progress on Mildew Induced Corrosion of Al-alloy. Journal of Chinese Society for Corrosion and protection, 2021, 41(1): 13-21.

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Fig.1  Macroscopic (a) and microscopic (b) structures of Aspergillus aspergillus colony and microscopic image of spores (c)[18]
SpecyLowest growth temperature / ℃Optimum growth temperature / ℃Highest growth temperature / ℃
Aspergillus flavus530~4243
Aspergillus niger535~4452
Fusarium oxysporum220~7045
Table 1  Temperature range for the growth of representative mildew
Fig.2  Morphology of mildew biofilm on the aluminum alloy surface (a) and the corrosion morphology of aluminum alloy (b) and the corresponding depth change of corrosion pit (c) after 18 d of test in the 3.5%NaCl solution[29]
Fig.3  Localized corrosion mechanism of 6061 aluminum alloy corrosion induced by mildew in the presence of oxygen[31]
Fig.4  Schematic diagram of Al alloy pitting corrosion[35]
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