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Journal of Chinese Society for Corrosion and protection  2023, Vol. 43 Issue (6): 1319-1328    DOI: 10.11902/1005.4537.2022.398
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Preparation and Properties of Slippery Anti-corrosion Coating Based on SiO2 with Coral Cluster Morphology
ZHANG Kaili1, DU Lili1, TAN Jun2, LIU Xiangzhou2, MA Ji1, QIU Ping1()
1.College of New Energy and Materials, China University of Petroleum Beijing, Beijing 102249, China
2.The Third Gas Production Plant, PetroChina Changqing Oilfield Company, Ordos 017300, China
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ZHANG Kaili, DU Lili, TAN Jun, LIU Xiangzhou, MA Ji, QIU Ping. Preparation and Properties of Slippery Anti-corrosion Coating Based on SiO2 with Coral Cluster Morphology. Journal of Chinese Society for Corrosion and protection, 2023, 43(6): 1319-1328.

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The work aims to improve the stability and mechanical wear resistance of the lubricating layer of the slippery coating, which are the key problems to be solved for long-term service of the coating. The SiO2 with coral cluster morphology was prepared by water-oil two-phase method, and then porous micro-nanostructures were constructed by mixing SiO2 with acrylic polyurethane resin and spraying. Meanwhile the influence of substrate morphology with different SiO2 content on the storage capacity of dimethyl silicone oil of the coating surface was studied. The mechanical abrasion resistance, self-cleaning and anti-corrosion properties of the slippery coatings were also assessed. The results showed that with the increased of SiO2 content, the roughness of the substrate increased, and the disordered substrate morphology was more uniform, which was more conducive to improving the stability of the silicon oil layer. The sliding angle of SiO2-25 was 5.4°. And the SiO2-25 even had excellent lyophobicity and self-cleaning property after wear test. Due to the influence of fillers on the pore structure of the coating, the |Z|0.01 Hz of SiO2-25 was still as high as 6.62×109 Ω·cm2 after 20 d of immersion in 3.5%NaCl solution, higher than SiO2-30. Among others, the coating of SiO2-25 has the best corrosion resistance for carbon steel for the long-term.

Key words:  slippery coating      SiO2      mechanical abrasion resistance      anti-corrosion      Q235     
Received:  15 December 2022      32134.14.1005.4537.2022.398
ZTFLH:  TG174  
Fund: National Natural Science Foundation of China(52071335);National Natural Science Foundation of China(2462020YXZZ016);Funding of China University of Petroleum (Beijing)(2462015YQ0602)
Corresponding Authors:  QIU Ping, E-mail:

URL:     OR

Fig.1  Flow chart for preparation of super-lubricative coating
Fig.2  SEM morphologies of porous coral clustered SiO2 (a) and intermediate coatings containing 20% (b), 25% (c) and 30% (d) SiO2, the insets show static contact angles of simethicone drop
Fig.3  Laser scanning images and 3D surface structures of intermediate coatings containing 20% (a, d), 25% (b, e) and 30% (c, f) SiO2
Fig.4  Optical images and static contact angles of SiO2-20 (a), SiO2-25 (b), and SiO2-30 (c) super-lubricative coatings
CategoryBefore silicone oil injectionAfter silicone oil injection
Contact angle115.9°133.4°134.4°100.6°101.3°101.6°
Sliding angle>90°>90°>90°7.9°5.4°3.7°
Table 1  Static contact angles and sliding angles of the coatings before and after silicone oil injection
Fig.5  Comparison of the mass losses of three super-lubricative coatings after abrasion for different cycles
Coating0-10 cycles10-20 cycles20-30 cycles30-40 cycles
Table 2  Mass loss increments of three super-lubricative coatings after abrasion for different cycles
Fig.6  Comparison of the static contact angles (a) and sliding angles (b) of three super-lubricative coatings after abrasion for different cycles
Fig.7  Sliding tests of bentonite solution (a) and soil solution (b) on three super-lubricative coatings
Fig.8  Sliding process of coffee drops on three super-lubricative coatings before (a) and after (b) abrasion for 40 cycles
Fig.9  Bode plots of SiO2-20 (a), SiO2-25 (b), and SiO2-30 (c) super-lubricative coatings and comparison diagram of |Z|0.01 Hz values (d)
Fig.10  Bode plots of SiO2-25 intermediate coating and its super-lubricative coating after immersion in 3.5%NaCl solution for 0 d (a) and 20 d (b)
Fig.11  Corrosion morphologies of three super-lubricative coatings after salt spray test: (a) SiO2-20, (b) SiO2-25, (c) SiO2-30
CoatingCoating categoryCorrosion test conditions

Result comparison

|Z|0.01 Hz / Ω·cm2

SiO2-25slippery coating3.5%NaCl solution immersion0 d20 d
KCC-1/PVDF[12]Superhydrophobic coating1 d14 d
KCC-1/PVDF-SLIPS[12]slippery coating1 d14 d
LDH-PFDS[24]Superhydrophobic coating7 d
LDH-PFDS-SLIPS[24]slippery coating7 d
PDMS-SiO2/PANI[25]Superhydrophobic coating1 h8 d
TMES-modifified SiO2 matrix coating[26]Superhydrophobic coating0 d5 d
Table 3  Comparison of corrosion resistance of different kinds of slippery/superhydrophobic coatings
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