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Journal of Chinese Society for Corrosion and protection  2023, Vol. 43 Issue (6): 1413-1418    DOI: 10.11902/1005.4537.2022.411
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Effect of Heat Treatment Process on Microstructure and Corrosion Resistance of Zn-6%Al-3%Mg Coating
SHANG Ting(), JIANG Guangrui, LIU Guanghui, QIN Hancheng
Beijing Key Laboratory of Green Recyclable Process for Iron & steel Production Technology, Shougang Research Institute of Technology, Beijing 100043, China
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SHANG Ting, JIANG Guangrui, LIU Guanghui, QIN Hancheng. Effect of Heat Treatment Process on Microstructure and Corrosion Resistance of Zn-6%Al-3%Mg Coating. Journal of Chinese Society for Corrosion and protection, 2023, 43(6): 1413-1418.

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The Zn-6%Al-3%Mg coated steel plates were subjected to post-heat treatments at 500 ℃-10 min and 700 ℃-10 min, respectively. Then the microstructure, phase composition and corrosion resistance of the Zn-6%Al-3%Mg coated steel plates before and after heat treatment were comparatively characterized by SEM, XRD and neutral salt spray test. The results show that the morphology, phase composition and corrosion products of Zn-6%Al-3%Mg coated steel plate after heat treatment at 500 ℃-10 min are similar to those without heat treated ones, their corrosion mass changes are basically the same. However after heat treatment at 700 ℃-10 min, the coating structure changes from single-layer of multiphase structure to multi-layer of multiphase structure, it is worth noting that there are more Fe oxides in the corrosion products, which are mainly formed by the iron-rich phase precipitated on the surface of the coating. After corrosion test, the zinc-rich surface coating on the steel substrate kept completely intact, while the corresponding corrosion mass gain is 3.2 times of the un-heat treated ones, on the other hand, the corrosion mass loss is 2.2 times of the un-heat treated ones.

Key words:  Zn-Al-Mg coating      heat treatment      corrosion resistance     
Received:  26 December 2022      32134.14.1005.4537.2022.411
ZTFLH:  TG174  
Corresponding Authors:  SHANG Ting, E-mail:

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Fig.1  Cross-sectional (a-c) and surface (d-f) morphologies of the ZnAlMg coating after 0 ℃ (a, d), 500 ℃ (b, e) and 700 ℃ (c, f) heat treatment
Table 1  Composition of different spots in the cross section of the ZnAlMg coating in Fig.1
Fig.2  XRD patterns of three samples after heat treatment
Fig.3  Macromorphologies of samples heated at 0 ℃ (a), 500 ℃ (b) and 700 ℃ (c) after 1350 h corrosion in neutral salt spray test
Fig.4  Cross-sectional (a-c) and surface (d-f) morphologies of the ZnAlMg coating heated at 0 ℃ (a, d), 500 ℃ (b, e) and 700 ℃ (c, f) after 1350 h corrosion in neutral salt spray test
Table 2  Composition of different spots in the cross section of the ZnAlMg coating in Fig.4
Fig.5  XRD patterns of three samples after 1350 h corrosion in neutral salt spray test
Fig.6  Mass loss (a) and gain (b) of samples heated at different temperatures after 1350 h corrosion in neutral salt spray test
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