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Journal of Chinese Society for Corrosion and protection  2023, Vol. 43 Issue (6): 1349-1357    DOI: 10.11902/1005.4537.2022.347
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Influence of Thermal Aging on Corrosion Behavior of Ferritic-martensitic Steel P92 in Supercritical Water
YU Chenjun, ZHANG Tianyi, ZHANG Naiqiang, ZHU Zhongliang()
Key Laboratory of Power Station Energy Transfer, Conversion and System, Ministry of Education, North China Electric Power University, Beijing 102206, China
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YU Chenjun, ZHANG Tianyi, ZHANG Naiqiang, ZHU Zhongliang. Influence of Thermal Aging on Corrosion Behavior of Ferritic-martensitic Steel P92 in Supercritical Water. Journal of Chinese Society for Corrosion and protection, 2023, 43(6): 1349-1357.

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Ferritic-martensitic steel P92 was themally aged at 800 °C for 200 and 400 h, respectively. Then corrosion behavior of the aged P92 steels was investigated in supercritical water at 600 °C, 25 MPa up to 1500 h. The microstructure, oxidation kinetics of the steels, morphology and phase composition of oxide scales were characterized by means of SEM, TEM and XRD. The results indicate that after thermal ageing at 800 ℃, the P92 steel presented microstructure composed of coarsened martensitic lath, Ostwald ripening of M23C6 carbides and sub-grains. Furthermore, the oxidation kinetics curves of the aged P92 steels at 600 ℃ are between parabolic and cubic curves, while the weight gain increased with the increasing ageing time. The oxide scales are composed of Fe3O4, (Fe,Cr)3O4 and Cr2O3. It is also discovered that there is more cracks on oxide scales of the aged steels, which led to spallation of oxide scales, whereas no signs of spallation were found on the not aged steel.

Key words:  P92 steel      thermal aging      supercritical water      high-temperature oxidation      oxidation mechanism     
Received:  08 November 2022      32134.14.1005.4537.2022.347
ZTFLH:  TK245  
Fund: National Key Research and Development Program(2022YFB4100403)
Corresponding Authors:  ZHU Zhongliang, E-mail:

URL:     OR

Fig.1  Calculated mass fractions of the precipitates (a) and matrix (b) in P92 steel after aging at different temperatures
Fig.2  SEM metallographic structures of annealed P92 steel after aging for 0 h (a), 200 h (b) and 400 h (c)
Fig.3  Size distributions of the precipitates in P92 steel after aging for 0 h (a), 200 h (b) and 400 h (c)
Fig.4  TEM microstructure images of P92 steel after aging for 200 h (a) and 400 h (b)
Fig.5  Diffraction pattern and chemical components of the carbide precipitate in P92 steel aged for 400 h
Fig.6  Mass gains of P92 steel samples with different metallographic structures during exposure in SCW at 600 °C
Fig.7  XRD patterns of aged P92 steel after exposure in SCW for different time
Fig.8  Surface morphologies of P92 steel after 0 h (a, d, g), 200 h (b, e, h) and 400 h (c, f, i) aging and then oxidation in SCW for 500 h (a-c), 1000 h (d-f) and 1500 h (g-i)
Fig.9  Cross-sectional morphologies (a-c) and EDS line scannings (d-f) along the white lines for P92 steel aged for 0 h (a, d), 200 h (b, e) and 400 h (c, f) and then oxidized in SCW for 500 h
Fig.10  Cross-sectional morphologies (a-c) and EDS line scannings (d-f) along the white lines for P92 steel aged for 0 h (a, d), 200 h (b, e) and 400 h (c, f) and then oxidized in SCW for 1500 h
Fig.11  Area fractions of different layers of the oxide scales formed on aged P92 steel oxidized in SCW for 500 h (a) and 1500 h (b)
Fig.12  Cracking of the oxide scales formed on P92 steel aged for 200 h (a) and 400 h (b) and then oxidized in SCW for 1500 h
Fig.13  Exfoliation zone of P92 steel aged for 200 h and then oxidized in SCW for 1500 h (a), and surface morphology and EDS result in the zone b in Fig.13a (b)
Fig.14  Cross-sectional morphology of P92 steel aged for 400 h and then oxidized in SCW for 1500 h
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